The Middle East Studies Programme in SIAS draws upon yet moves beyond Oxford's great tradition of Middle Eastern Studies. The new programme will offer postgraduate students training in social-scientific methodology as well as comparative courses on the modern Middle East.

The Middle East Studies Programme faculty's expertise covers Turkey and Israel as well as the Arab world and encourages student research in the politics, international relations, economics and history of the region.

Latest News

The 'Rethinking Nationalism, Sectarianism and Ethno-religious Mobilisation in the Middle East' conference was held over 26-28 January 2018

The 'Rethinking Nationalism, Sectarianism and Ethno-religious Mobilisation in the Middle East' conference convened by Dr Alex Henley, Dr Ceren Lord, Dr Hiroko Miyokawa was held over 26-28 January 2018 at St Antony's College and Pembroke College.