MEC Webinar: HT21: Week 2: Iraq and Lebanon – Revolt Against Sectarianism?

Conveners: St Antony's College Middle East Centre

Speakers: Maha Yahya (PhD | Director, Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Centre)Maysoon Pachachi (Film director)

Moderator: Eugene Rogan (Director, MEC, St Antony's)

Iraq and Lebanon:  When the Arab world rose up against failed governance in 2011, Lebanon and Iraq stood out as exceptions to the regional trend.  Yet by the end of the decade, massed popular demonstrations would demand the fall of the regime in both countries.  With their electoral systems, the Iraqis and Lebanese did not confront deeply entrenched dictators.  Rather, protestors rose against sectarian politics and called for a new order based on citizenship without reference to religion.